Liberty Stone Records



Toronto, ON – Liberty Stone Records, a new country music label launched by a private capital consortium of music entrepreneurs and distributed by ole, will be lead by President and CEO, Johnny Ioannou and multi-award winning producer and Juno nominee Jason Barry.  Liberty Stone Records is set to make an immediate impact in the country music industry by raising the brand equity of their artists using the latest internet technologies, digital initiatives, and creative marketing to promote new music. Ioannou has an extensive 16 year background in digital and music marketing that includes advertising, concert promotion, artist management, and a managing partner in a leading online event ticketing company. Ioannou was also an early adopter of new technologies who founded an internet start-up in 2006 that promoted and empowered independent musicians to stand out in a competitive digital music space.

“We’re going to push boundaries, challenge convention, and sway from the norm of common practice,” shared Ioannou. “Music today has never been better but getting ears to listen has never been harder”. Ioannou promises to be different and bring a new spirit of innovation to music marketing and promotion.

Our team is comprised of leading digital marketing and social media experts, a music journalist, including radio promotion and a leading public relations firm. The creative direction of the imprint has been set by a multi-award winning country producer.

Liberty Stone Records will be headquartered in Canada but their publishing and distribution partnership with ole will give their artists immediate access to resources and opportunities in Nashville as well as Toronto.

“We are thrilled to have music powerhouse ole behind our label” said Ioannou. “ole gives our label not only close ties to a dynamic team, but a complete offering of creative and administrative services, including tremendous reach in the music industry”.

Liberty Stone Records will be a boutique full-service label and home to a select group of highly talented artists and songwriters. Services will include recording, publishing, promotion, and management. Liberty Stone’s inaugural artist to be signed the label will be country pop heartthrob, Scotty James. Liberty Stone Records is set to release his first single to radio on June 10, followed by a summer EP release on June 24, and his debut country album titled “Streets” on September 18, 2015.


Liberty Stone Records, an imprint of Liberty Stone Music Group Inc., is a new and independent country music label distributed by ole in Nashville and Toronto. Lead by a group of music entrepreneurs and a multi-award winning country music producer, Liberty Stone Records brings an unparallel level of experience in music marketing, production, digital media, and artist management.

“Music today has never been better but getting ears to listen has never been harder. We’re going to push boundaries, challenge convention, and sway from the norm of common practice”
– President, Liberty Stone Records

Liberty Stone Records is comprised of three music divisions: Recording; Publishing; and Artist Management. The label will be home to a select group of talented musicians and songwriters, the first being country pop artist and recent Canadian Radio Music Award winner, Scotty James.


ole was founded in 2004, and has operations in Toronto, Nashville, New York and Los Angeles. ole is committed to being the best and most innovative global destination for world-class songwriters, composers, and management talent, and the first choice music source for creators in all media. Liberty Stone Records and their distribution and publishing deal with ole gives their roster of artists and songwriters immediate access to world-class resources including digital distribution, music placement, publishing, and digital royalty collection.[/su_column][/su_row]