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Scotty James – Still

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  • Release: 18 Mar, 2016
  • Catalog No: LSR05


  • Scotty James


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      STILL - Scotty James

      I've been stayin home lately
      locked in this room
      and the phone keeps ringing
      but it ain't you...
      I ain't picking you up like I used to
      driving you round
      not taking you home like I should do
      sneaking you out past midnight
      burning this town
      maybe I just miss…

      Checking my phone waiting up on you
      slow dancin in the living room
      going to sleep mad and drunk
      and making up in the morning
      not knowing what we had to lose
      girl what I wouldn’t give to get back to
      that first time kiss, scared as hell
      I close my eyes and I’m right there still

      Still stuck in that moment
      and I don’t wanna leave
      and this beds a little empty
      no I can’t sleep
      if you ain't laying beside me baby
      keeping me up
      back when we couldn’t get close enough
      your kiss in the morning waking me up
      baby I still miss…


      still stuck in my head girl
      still breaking my heart
      and I don’t wanna let go of it
      I close my eyes and I’m right there still...